With all the hot weather, we have been putting our ice cream machine to good use. An excellent way to keep cool on these hot days!

Music Therapy with Ruth, Phyllis, Frances and Ann. Lots of tuneful Fun was had by all!

Catch the ball and answer the question - a fun way to exercise and stimulate the brain too! Some of the answers had us in stitches!

Each year in courtyard garden we have a beautiful family of ducklings. This year super mum has not disappointed us with 6 gorgeous ducklings much to the delight of our residents

All residents help with compiling a 'life history to date' book with the help of staff and the activities team. With stories, old adverts and photos and anything else that triggers lovely memories of ...

It was the turn of the ladies in our Orangery and Courtyard units to be pampered for the day! With new hair do's, make-up and massage. What beautiful results!

When the weather allows, residents are enjoying outdoor exercise groups. Exercising is always more enjoyable when done with friends and where better than outside in the fresh air and sunshine

It’s always nice to spend time with family on your birthday and Frank’s family made full use of one of our visitor pods to celebrate the special day with Frank.