Anita, Rosemarie, Norah, Josephine, Joyce and Joan enjoying Britains classic Game! Originally played by Italian Aristocracy in 1530 these ladies are carrying out a fine tradition!  Housey-Housey!!!

Vick and Jean reminiscing about World War 2! What remarkable ladies with fabulous tales to tell!!

Margaret, Ellie, Valerie, David, Sandra, Meryl and Anne were encouraged to share memories of familiar items and what they were used for - recalling toys, pie making, freshly squeezed juice in the morn...

Not prickly but certainly messy fun! Betty, May, Marguerite and Pam creating their own works of art!

We have recently finished the building of a new garden room to add to our external visiting pods for those residents that fine it more difficult to access the outdoors. We have installed a telephone t...

A perfect pebble painting party for Joan, Rosemary, Anita, Eileen and June!

Always a popular visitor this week Tosh brought his daughter along to join in the singing and very popular she was too! Thank you Tosh for another great afternoon of music and smiles.